Balloon Decor


My Balloon Guy can offer amazing balloon centerpieces and decorations which include balloon arch, balloon columns, table centerpieces, Pre-made masterpieces and Topiaries. these decorations and centerpieces will bring the venue to life and really provide a lot of fun and excitement to any party.

balloon centerpieces and decorations can be packaged with other services and/or products.

balloon decor faqs

How much are decorations?

Balloon arch and Balloon columns prices are based on quantity ordered. Outdoor designs are usually cost more because outdoor decorations require heavy framework to prevent from falling over. The more you order, the more we can tally everything up and offer a package rate. we pride ourselves in offering value and giving the best deal we can give.

Custom balloon decorations are based on how big the design is. Inquire within

Where are the decorations made?

Columns and arches usually need to be made on site. custom made balloon designs can be pre-made and delivered to the event. 

How long do the outdoor decorations last?

outdoor decorations are heavily compromised by the hot summer heat/sun. but hold up well during spring and fall seasons. Our framework is very heavy so there's no chance of the arch or column toppling over.

How long do the indoor decorations last?

indoor decorations can last up to a good week, give or take.