Scotty now offers an indoor or outdoor BUBBLE SHOW, the perfect add on for a kid's party. It can be packaged with balloons. Everyone loves bubbles, and Scotty can make some HUMONGOUS bubbles. available indoors and outdoors. fun for all age groups.

the indoor show has the famous "kid inside a bubble routine" and fun with smoke bubbles, while the outdoor show is more of a fun activity which includes the kids participating and making their own bubbles. Scotty always brings plenty of towels and it's a fantastic opportunity for amazing photos. 

Bubbles faqs

What age group is bubbles good for?

We truly believe kids of all age group will appreciate and enjoy watching and playing with bubbles. They're extremely captivating and everyone will want to participate in the fun. 

Can a bubble show be performed at a venue?

We suggest to run it by the venue that you are considering on having a bubble show at their venue. Most of the time, it can be arranged, but it's always good to clear it before booking.

What's the indoor show like?

The indoor show is a show where the kids sit down and watch Scotty make some cool bubbles, like a magic show. but Scotty loves to get the kids involved so he makes sure EVERY child gets a turn to do a bubble trick, which makes for fantastic photo opportunities. if the event has over 30 kids, Scotty will adjust accordingly but we suggest smaller groups of kids for an indoor show.

The show is usually 30 minutes long, anything longer than that will not hold the attention span of everyone at the event.

What's the outdoor show like?

Weather permitting, The outdoor show isn't really a show, but approached to be more of an activity for the kids to have fun with bubbles. Scotty makes humongous bubbles, while the kids have plenty of bubble wands so they can make their own bubbles. it will keep everyone busy, that's for sure! 

we suggest an open area, like a yard or a field for best results. But we have done bubbles in small areas, it just makes it a little less room for the bubbles to go into the sky. 

we suggest 30 minutes of bubbles because after 30 minutes, it may or may not hold the attention span of everyone at the event. but we have done 1 hour of just bubbles successfully. 

How messy is the indoor show?

We bring plenty of towels and do our best to keep the mess within the small performance area, and we always clean up when the show is over.