Balloon twisting FAQs


What are your rates?

Rates are based on date/time/location of your event. Rates are generally lower during off peak months like January and February. Rates are also lower for any event booked on a weekday. Rates can be packaged together to offer great value if you hire us for multiple services. For example, if you get balloons, facepainting, bubbles, and decorations, we can offer a package rate. 

How much time do I need to hire you for?

We always suggest 1 hour for every 10 kids for private events, so we can interact with everyone and make super elaborate balloons, but we can handle 25 kids in 1 hour if we only make simple balloon designs known as "line work". We definitely prefer to make elaborate designs that impress everyone at the event, but if we have to make 30 second swords, dogs, flowers, and butterfly balloons, we can adjust accordingly. It's always suggested to have extra time so we can make extra designs for the birthday child, and to honor any special request from adults.

How far do you travel?

Scotty Kazan primarily performs in Westchester county, NY and Fairfield county, CT. But we have a huge roster of artist in located all throughout the tri- state area that we can help you book at a great rate. We have talented and professional balloon twisters located in NYC, Long Island, Rockland County, NY, and NJ.

What is included in your performance?

For balloon animals, Scotty will make amazing balloon designs while being interactive and friendly with everyone at the party, and will do his best to entertain everyone non stop until his time is up. He never stops twisting balloons from the moment he arrives to the moment he leaves. He brings a music player in case there is no music, and he always stays for "a few extra minutes" if his schedule permits.

"I'm expecting 20 plus kids at my party, can you keep them all busy?"

While Scotty always does his best to adjust to any situation, we always suggest having other activities to keep the kids busy while they wait their turn for a balloon.

How does booking work?

We require that you fill out the booking form in the book now tab so once we are on the same page, we can send you a contract, and then request for a deposit made by PayPal or credit card.


"I found someone else who will do it for less"

While other artist may charge a lower rate than Scotty, He's been performing at kid's parties and events for over 10 years, full time. Scotty doesn't just make balloons, he has a personality, he's entertaining while he's making balloons. He can make ANY balloon design while other artist may be limited in the designs they know how to make. Scotty is also very fast, he makes balloons quicker than most artist. When you're hiring Scotty, you're hiring the #1 balloon artist and also someone who gives 100% to each and every gig, and always strives for customer satisfaction.