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A stage show combining math, science, and art, How to Catch a Mouse has entertained thousands of audiences.

Balloons are used to construct a Rube Goldberg-style mousetrap intended to solve the problem of a mouse on the loose. Many student volunteers are used to aid in the construction of this working machine. Student knowledge of how machines work and their eagerness to set their trap in motion make this an enjoyable show for everyone involved.

 Children of all ages from kindergarten through middle school can benefit from this program. Presentations to younger grades focus on the concepts of simple machines working together and encourage problem solving skills through the use of common objects. The names and functions of the basic machines are stressed. In addition to the basics, older children are presented with a bit more information on the forces in nature that affect the way machines work. 

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How long is the mousetrap show?

Usually around 40-45 minutes. But the show can be squeezed into 30 minutes if need be.

How many kids can see the show?

We can handle an entire class if the show is performed in an auditorium where there is plenty of space for the kids to sit and watch the show.

Can the show be performed outdoors?

Indoors only, in an air conditioned room to prevent the balloons from breaking and so the performer can perform without being drenched in sweat.

What age group is the show good for?

the show is targeted for 3rd graders, as the concepts being taught are curriculum based.

Do you do any other type of shows?

YES! Scotty can do his favorite show which is the SILLY BALLOONS N' BUBBLES SHOW!  The silly balloons and bubbles show is Scotty doing his favorite bits and fun tricks with balloons and bubbles, he gets the kids involved, and it's just crazy silly fun. unscripted, unrehearsed, always a blast. Scotty has so much experience with performing in front of kids that he is able to be a off script performer using bubbles, and balloons, and then bubbles, and then go back to balloons, leaving the kids always craving more when the show is over.